Eco Camp – Jogad      (Gujarat) India.

Back To Nature
Devjibhai Dhamecha’s Family House at DHRANGADHRA
Wild Ass Sanctuary is only 18 kms From Dhrangadhra. Devjibhai Dhamecha’s family is offering an exclusive safari from here.

Dhrangadhra is known for its sand stone and stone carvings. There are many artisans involved in stone carvings. Majority of the stones are carved for the temples. Artists from Sompura family build the temples deriving knowledge from “Vastusastra” and “Veda”.

Four old gates in the town, old Palace, old court bazaar, Army camp, soda factory of the DCW, cotton jining and pressing factories etc. are some of the colorful feathers of Dhrangadhra.

Devjibhai is offering residential facilities in a simple family appealing house.

Simple rooms, Gujarati Toilet, Bathroom with Cold & Hot water, provision for Couple, Family or Groups.

Food:- Only home menu gujarati vegetarian food

Charges is per day:-
Room Stay Visitors
Rs. 1000/- For Single
Rs. 1500/- For Couple
Rs. 750/- For Extra
(Room stay with Tea-Breakfast, Fruit, Biscuits, Mineral Water, Lunch and Dinner all incl.)

Sanctuary Visit:- Jeep Safari.
Charges per Jeep - per group - 1 to 6 person
Rs. 3000/- Morning Safari - 7:30 AM to 12:00 AM - Birds - site
Rs. 2000/- Evening Safari - 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM - Wild Ass - site
Kooba Huts (Room) from Dhrangadhra 45km. Vehicle / Taxi Charge Rs. 1000/- isup and RS. 1000/- is down.
Auto rexo is - Rs.600/- is up and Rs.600/- is DN.

Sanctuary Permission Entry Fee.
Charges per Jeep - per group - 1 to 6 person
Rs. 600/- For Indians
Rs. 2600/- 40US$ for Foreigners
Entry fee 25% more on Saturday and Sunday
Camera charge 200 Rs. for Indian and 20$ (1200 Rs.)
for Foreigners.

Vijaybhai Dhamecha: +91 99784 23733