No rain in little rann, eco camp booking close only for this session.


Eco Camp – Jogad      (Gujarat) India.

Back To Nature

Devjibhai's kooba Huts (Room) is only home stay facilities. Locally non is ( Kolibhai - na - kooba ) Koli is ( Community ) ( Chuvaliya koli-thakor ) salt workers family....

Eco tour camp site is situated on southern frieg - near sumera lake and sumera salt stock center on kidi to
jogad road is near vihot nagar village in verge of LRK WAS Desert.

- It's very simple home menu Guajarati veg-food only.
- Breakfast:-Potato pahawa, Fruits, Biscuits, Tea, Coffee.
- Lunch:-Gujarati-thali, as like, Dal, Rise, Sabji, Chapati, Salad, Chara etc.
- Dinner:-Gujarati-Khichdi, Kadhi, Sabji Salad, Achar etc.
- Mineral Water is providing with stay and safari.

No – A/C - Hitter or any type of V.I.P. facilities is not possilbe at our camp site.
No – any Hotel, Restaurant type of menu Food is not available in our camp site.
No – Tap, Radio, Playing, picnic activities not allow in our camp site.
No – Non-veg food and Alcohol is totally prohibited in our camp site.

Our staff is very simple salt workers family and all type service is self-service at our kooba - huts Eco tour camp site.

Wildlife chasing, shutting and hunting is prohibited shutting with camera in safari time in the desert
and visiting in the sanctuary with officially permission of sanctuary D.F.O. Wildlife is necessary in LRK WAS Desert.