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Eco Camp – Jogad      (Gujarat) India.

Back To Nature
Fair and Festival
Gujarat is known for fairs and festivals. The world famous Tarnetar fair and the festivals of  “Navaratri, Dasera, Diwali,” etc. falls from the month of September to November. It starts with the 4 day fair. The famous Tarnetar fair is on September. Tarnetar is a historical place. The name came after a historical temple dedicated to God with three “Netra” (God with three eyes-Shiva). During the fair people belonging to Panchalis, Rabaris, Bharvad and Koli  come together with their traditional dress, artistic umbrellas, dances of Rass(Garba), Huddo and other different traditional competitions. Thousands of people are attracted from through out the State and even from out side to attend this week long fair. Tarnetar is only 60 K.M. from Dhrangadhra 80 km from Eco Camp.

In October, Navaratri (nine nights) festival begins. It is a social festival. Nine nights’ people of all sections, with out any discrimination of caste, class, sex or age come together and play Rass and Garbi of the “Ambajimataji’s Garbi”. It is found in all the nook and corner of every village and towns of Gujarat.

In October, the Dasera festival and November follow Diwali (festival of lights) and New Year of Hindu calendar.

Special Fair and Festival Offer

Devjibhai Dhamecha family is offering an exclusive and special safari package around the area and fair.