No rain in little rann, eco camp booking close only for this session.


Eco Camp – Jogad      (Gujarat) India.

Back To Nature
Now! Nature Education Camp for Students and NGO's -April to June

Check in 10:00-12:00 at noon....
Eco Comp site Stay-Relax-Lunch-Reset. Evening Tea or Lemon juice at 4:00 and meetings information on map
of the Wilda's sanctuary...

On 5:00pm Tracking Route in LRK Desert and see Wild-asses ( Ghadkhar ) Bluebull ( Nilgai ) and other wild animals
Desert birds and Salt stock center and land scap of Desert sun set....
Back to Camp-Dinner-Grop Discatation and Stay.

Next morning Smaller Walk-Tea-Cofe-Brackfastand 3HRs. Visit in the LRK Desert and see Wildlife and Browness muddy land scap of LRK Desert flat crack land-mirrage and sky....
Back to Camp-Refresh-Lunch and check out at 15:00pm.

Middle School Students:-
Age of 8 to 10 per head Rs.750/-

High School Students:-
Age of 10 to 18 per head Rs.1000/-

College or University Students:-
Age of 18 to 25 per head Rs.1500/-

Notes:- Please write on school-college-university and NGO's letter head

Kooba hats Eco camp site Stay-Food and 3HRs visit all in cld. Doronatory bed stay with two Lunch,one Dinner,one Breakfast,Mineral water and Tea-Coffee-Lamon juice etc.