No rain in little rann, eco camp booking close only for this session.


Eco Camp – Jogad      (Gujarat) India.

Back To Nature
The Little Rann of Kutch, one of the largest wet lands of the world becomes a haven for the migratory birds. A safari through the Wild Ass sanctuary in the Little Rann of Kutch in the North West Gujarat gives a unique experience to the visitor. It gives one a rare chance to come across a wide variety of birds and other wildlife.

Devjibhai Dhamecha’s family is offering an exclusive safari package around the Little Rann of Kutch through the wild ass sanctuary. Though it is popularly known for Asiatic wild ass (Ghudkhur) Equus Hemionus Khur, during winter it becomes a home for birds like Hoopoe, Desertlark, Courser, Wheatear, Sandgrouse and other migratory birds like Cranes, Flamingos, Pelicans, Spoon bill, Ducks, Harrier, Vulture, Eagle, Hubara Bustards, Cream corser etc. During winter about 300 species of birds are spotted here.

Other than what mentioned above, one would see in the LRK the beauty of the flat and vast horizon of the desert, incredible mirage, saltpan, salt resistant varieties of flora and fauna, spiny tailed lizard and many of the reptile species of the region.

There are 205 different species of flowering plants and other vegetations found in the bets (small dusty heaps/ Islands). A range of variety species like, 40 species of insects, 12 molluscans, 24 spiders, 4 crustaceans, 29 species of reptiles, 14 species of lizards, 12 snakes and 22 species of fish etc. are also found in the region.